Monday, October 5, 2009


Welcome to the Ancient Wisdom for Modern Problems blog, which is about just that - Ancient Wisdom, or really, timeless wisdom, which can be applied in a practical manner to approach and solve our so-called "modern" problems. Actually, most all of todays issues and difficulties are the problems of mankind, throughout history and across all cultures. And, for thousands of years, the world's Great Thinkers - artists, philosophers, kings, sages, theologians, scientists, writers and teachers - have all considered these problems and have left behind ways in which we can move toward solution.

Many of these strategies and solutions are locked in archaic languages or have become unrecognizable from centuries of misunderstanding and superstition. Others are clear, but difficult to understand - especially in regards to how they can be used today, such as the ancient art of Alchemy. Many Eastern approaches to the human experience are also difficult to translate, as they don't naturally fit in the the Western paradigm of individualism over unity. And, quite frankly, most of us don't have the luxury of taking the time necessary to modernize ancient philosophies so that they may be useful today.

Therefore, the point of this blog, and all the related podcasts, essays, videos, etc., is to share a boiled-down version and modern translation of the timeless wisdom - just the essentials - and provide a practical pathway toward integrating these universal truths into our personal lives.

2009.10.05 Chris Sheridan